December is the month of celebration for us and even more so for our Christian brothers and sisters, because it is the time to celebrate Christmas. The month also brings a break from studies and exams. Thus, you benefit more from the cold because with it comes the winter holidays.

So to cherish the celebration of the occasion, let me share with you how to make a simple yet beautiful paper flower crown in green color. You can make multicolored flowers, if you wish.

Things you need:

  1. Piece of cardboard (I used cardboard from leftover cardboard)

  2. Green Books (three A-4 size sheets)

  3. Scissors

  4. Glue

  5. Compass or any bowl to make a perfect circle


  1. Put a bowl on the cardboard, or using a compass, draw a circle on the cardboard depending on the size of the wreath you want, then carefully cut it out, as in photo 2.

  2. Leaving one inch inside, draw another circle and cut out the ring, see image 3.

  3. You can wrap the cardboard ring with paper or tape, but this is optional. I used a green ribbon, photo 4.

  4. Make the flowers; cut 1.5-inch-wide circles from green paper; you can use a compass or any small bowl to make a perfect circle. To make a single flower, three circles of paper will be needed, photo 5.

  5. Fold the circle in half, then double the half again, images 6 and 7.

  6. Open the halves and stick glue inside the center fold, fold it again; picture 8.

  7. Put glue on the top center fold of these halves and glue them together, fold them again and let them dry, images 9 and 10.

Note: You don’t have to glue the whole half of the paper, just the middle fold.

  1. Make 13-14 similarly folded flowers if your wreath size is 7 inches like mine.

  2. The folded halves are actually the petals of a flower, so when they are dry, open the petals, photo 11.

  3. When all the flowers are open, also cut out small circles (dots) of all colors, picture 12.

  4. Carefully glue the flowers around the ring we made earlier, photo 13.

  5. Glue the tiny colored dots of paper onto each flower, photo 14.

  6. You can give details by gluing leaves of different colors around the wreath, and making a loop from any ribbon or string, gluing it behind the wreath, picture 15.

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Posted in Dawn, Young World, December 11, 2021