Wherever you are, whatever you do, books are still close companions for most of us. And for an avid reader, a book is incomplete without a bookmark. Yes, bookmarks, whether simpler or more trendy, are favorites of all book lovers, of all generations.

For those of you who prefer to bring out your creativity in the little things around them, you can create your own handmade bookmarks. Whether you’re reading a few pages before bed or checking off any academic book, try out this new DIY bookmark and personalize it however you like.

I made a kitten with its front paws extended outwards, which will hook onto the page of the book you want to mark. You can draw a rabbit, a dog, a cow or any other animal with small modifications in the ears and the shape of the head.

Things you need

  1. white paper

  2. Pencil

  3. Colored markers, colored pencils

  4. Scissors or letter opener

  5. Glue stick


  1. Draw a cat on white paper, ideally the length should be 3.5 inches from head to paws, see picture 2.

  2. Using a black marker, highlight the edges, eyes, whiskers, front legs, nose and mouth, see photo 3.

  3. Use markers or colored pencils to color the cat’s head, ears, front legs, hind legs and sides, picture 4.

  4. Cut it carefully, and also cut the edges of the front legs, photo 5. To make it hard, glue the hardboard on its back, photo 6.

  5. You can alternate the black marker for the eyes by sticking the googly eyes, picture 7.

  6. Bookmarks are ready; you can create other animals in the same way, picture 8.

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Posted in Dawn, Young World, October 2, 2021

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