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c / o (or In Care of), the Craft ACT: 2020 Annual Members exhibition (October 29 to December 12) will illustrate how care underpins the commitments of a maker. In keeping with the theme of the seventh edition of DESIGN Canberra (November 9-29, 2020), the exhibit will celebrate and explore the ways in which care and attention is precious and vital to contemporary artisans, artists, designers and creators. Accredited Professional Members and current Associate Members of Craft ACT will be invited to submit proposals for works to be included in the annual Membership Exhibition c / o Craft ACT: 2020. Submissions will open at 9:00 am on June 5 and close at midnight July 31. craftact.org.au. Craft ACT: Craft + Design Center and ACT Parks & Curatorial Department is seeking applications for the 2021 Artist-in-Residence program. Submission closes at midnight June 14th. More information: craftact.org.au. Craft ACT isn’t just looking to the future – it’s now active with two new exhibits on its website through June 27. A Common Thread is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Harriet McKay and Sam Gold, encompassing painting, installation and sculpture. The work is about connection – the connection to a material and in turn how that connects us as human beings. This exhibition seeks to explore how time and space inform the artist’s behavior with matter and lament the almost ritualistic process of repetitive acts during the creation process. Transference is a collaborative exhibition by artists Robyn Campbell (ACT) and Jo Victoria (NSW), who exchanged knowledge about glass and porcelain through a process of learning, teaching, experimentation and play. L he exhibition expresses the artists’ shared fascination with light and surface, and the potential of glass and porcelain to convey fragility and the ephemeral. craftact.org.au. The Salon is M16’s first online collective image exhibition and is open to all media. You can submit high quality images to [email protected] The deadline is office close on May 21 and the online exhibition will launch on May 28. This is a curated digital trade fair exhibition and is about a single ready-to-display work as opposed to a collection of works. Single submission should include name, title, year, materials, dimensions, retail price (includes 30% gallery commission) and image size should be at least less 2 Mb. If the work sells, the artist will have to package it and deliver it to M16. School of the Performing Arts McDonald’s College invites prospective students to submit an online audition for 2021 admission in Grade 5 and above. The fields are theater, classical ballet, dance (commercial), music or musical theater. Video auditions must be submitted by June 30. mcdonald.nsw.edu.au/onlineauditions