Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, which means the weekend is the perfect time to craft with your kids and have some heart-shaped fun.

Valentine’s Day was born out of many martyrdoms, but has since become a worldwide celebration of romance and love, manifested through affections.

This love can manifest through many things including gifts and crafts, many of which have deeper meanings and feelings.

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If you’re looking to give cheaper and simpler gifts this year, this list of ideas is perfect for you.

Find inspiration for homemade gifts in the shape of love here and have fun with your kids this weekend.

Valentine’s Day craft ideas to do with your kids this weekend

tissue paper heart wreath

This wreath will be a lovely addition in your home or outside your home.

Take pink and red tissue paper and cut out a heart shape from a card and another heart in the middle of the first heart.

Cut the tissue paper and crumple it and arrange it around the heart and glue it.

fingerprint canvas

Take a canvas and stick the word love on it. Take out your red and pink paints and fingerprints around the ribbon. Once you are done painting with your fingers, remove the tape and you have a work of art.

3D origami hearts

If your kids are a bit older, you can try origami hearts to decorate your home. The trick with origami is that the more you practice, the better you’ll get at it, so in no time you’ll have a handful of beautiful origami hearts.

heart painted stones

It’s an easy DIY that can brighten up your home. Gather flat round stones from your garden and clean them. After cleaning them, draw hearts on them and paint them red. You can even draw arms and legs and eyes.

Die-cut painting

Another profession of painter. This one involves a cookie cutter and some more red paint. Dip your cookie cutter in paint and take some paper and lay your cookie cutter down to create the heart shape. Can these be folded to make easy cards.

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