It’s officially “Scary Season,” which means a month of horror movie marathons, telling spooky stories, buying costumes and indulging in everything pumpkin spice flavored in the preparation for Halloween. October 31.

Although the party originated in the United States, all the festive fun has spilled over to other parts of the world, including here in South Africa.

From themed dining at the restaurant to fancy dress parties and treats, there are so many ways to celebrate.

Halloween Themed Treats

A big part of Halloween is definitely the food – especially if you prefer treats to tricks. Getting creative in the kitchen with spooky themed dishes is a great fun way for kids and parents to join in on the action. Try these smart tips to turn ordinary dishes into something a little more festive.

Mummify everything

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From hot dogs to cookies and even pretzel sticks, pretty much any food can take on a super spooky mummy look with a little DIY flair. For sweet treats, fill a pastry bag with melted white chocolate or buttercream frosting. Frost your treats using a zigzag motion to create the illusion of a bandaged mummy. For savory ones, like hot dogs or vegetables, use thin strips of dough for wrapping and bake.

Fake blood

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Raspberry jam and berry coulis have an intense red color that perfectly mimics blood. Use condiments to splash baked goods like cupcakes and donuts for an even bloodier finish. As an added bonus, the berries pair well with a variety of flavors, reducing the richness of the vanilla, chocolate and butter, helping to elevate all your sweet treats with a fresh fruity flavor. For savory, you can’t go wrong with the tomato sauce.

Googly eyes

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Bring your designs to life with edible eyes. These can be purchased at bakery stores, but if you prefer to get creative, making your own with frosting or fondant, you can get even more elaborate with the details.Pipe your eyes on cupcakes, cookies. , chocolate strawberries to see how they transform each dish. Not all Halloween treats need two eyeballs. Use one to create the illusion of a one-eyed monster.

Halloween crafts

As with most other holidays, decorating your home is part of the festivities. Bring color, life and vibrancy into your home with these step-by-step DIY decorating activities kids will love.

Pumpkin decoration

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Pumpkin carving is an integral part of Halloween festivities. However, not super safe for young children. So, why not try pumpkin paint instead?



Acrylic paints





Use markers to draw designs and patterns on your pumpkins.

Use paints to color your drawings.

Add stickers and glitter for more color and decoration.

Display your pumpkin art in your home.

Toilet paper roll characters

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This Halloween DIY might look a little cheesy, but your kids will love it. By using the inside of the toilet paper rolls, you can bring these spooky bats to life with some DIY creativity.


Googly eyes stickers

Toilet paper rolls (used)

White paper or paint (for the fangs)

Black paint



Black cardboard




Draw and cut out bat wings with black cardboard.

Glue the toilet paper roll to the wings in the center and paint it black.

Once the cardboard is dry, glue two googly eyes.

Add two small fangs under the eyes using cut out triangular pieces of paper or white paint.

Place bats all around the house for some festive fun.

Ghost garland

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Tassel garlands are a fun way to add festive decor to the home.


Ball of yarn


Black permanent marker

A rectangular piece of stiff cardboard




Start by placing a piece of wool across the width of a rectangular piece of stiff cardboard. If you want longer tassels, a larger piece of cardboard will be needed.

To create the ghost tassels, start wrapping the wool along the length of the cardboard and over the piece of wool you placed earlier. Lots of yarn will create a fuller ghost, so continue until you are happy with the size.

When you’re ready, take the piece of yarn you originally placed crosswise and use it to make a tight double knot around the wrapped yarn.

Then use scissors to cut off all of the yarn that is on the other side of where you just tied the knot. The tassels will be held together by the knot when you remove them from the carton.

To make the ghost’s head, tie another knot a few inches from the first knot and pull hard to form a bubble.

Use googly eyes, stickers or a marker to draw on the eyes and then on a mouth.

Cut the tassels from the initial knot.

Repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the number of ghosts you have accumulated.

Use a needle and thread to connect the ghosts together on a piece of thread by piercing the heads of the woolly ghosts. The thinner the wire, the less distance you will be able to see it and the ghosts will appear to be floating.

Hang your ghost garland over the fireplace or entryway for display.

Halloween activities

Keep the kids entertained with Halloween-themed activities that you can organize at home with just a little creativity.

Spooky drool

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Fondant and colorful, slime is the favorite craze of all children. But did you know that textures are also ideal for sensory play? This Halloween slime recipe is perfectly holiday themed and will provide your child with hours of fun, just be sure to watch them while they play.


142 g of white wood glue

½ cup of water

Food coloring (optional)

½ teaspoon of baking soda

1 tablespoon of saline solution

1 container

Halloween beads (mini bones, tombstones, eyeballs, ghosts)

Purple and orange confetti


In a small bowl, pour 142 g of white glue.

Add ½ cup of water and stir until glue and water are completely mixed.

Add a few drops of food coloring for color: red, orange, or green would be perfect for Halloween.

Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda and mix.

Add 1 tablespoon of saline solution. Stir quickly. The slime will start to form and move away from the sides of the bowl. The saline solution will determine the stickiness of your slime.

Once the slime separates from the sides of the bowl, knead it for a few minutes. It will always be tacky at first.

Add decorations and store in an airtight container until use.

Popsicle stick puzzle

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7 popsicle sticks per puzzle (can be recycled or purchased at a craft store)


Coloring with crayons or paint


Line up the popsicle sticks and number them 1 to 7 in the top corner

Draw Halloween-themed pictures on the sticks while they are lined up on a flat surface (you can use masking tape to keep them from moving if you want). A pumpkin-lantern, a witch’s hat, bats in the night sky or a spider on a web are easy to draw and sound mark for the spooky season.

Have your child color the picture using crayons or paint.

When dry, tangle the sticks and have them rearrange the sticks to complete the picture.