It’s summer vacation for the kids but like you promised them you couldn’t take them anywhere because of the lockdown. In return, you can teach them cool craft ideas at home. And you don’t need fancy items for that, all you need are items that are easy to find at home. Toilet paper rolls, colored strips of paper, or newspapers are all you need to do these things at home. So this confinement teaches your children some paper crafts and brings out the creative spirit in them. Virtual summer camp ideas: fun activities to organize at home to keep the kids busy during lockdown (watch videos)

For kids in particular, the lockdown can be quite weird and confusing, while they can still figure it out, this is how you keep them engaged. The toilet paper roll house for these finger puppets can be really fun for kids and there is nothing quite like locking up teaching them cool paper works. Home science experiments with explanations to keep kids busy at home: try these 6 easy science tips in quarantine (watch videos)

1. Toilet paper roll house:

Instead of throwing away those toilet paper rolls, you can help your kids make something creative with them. Teach them how to make these houses which are quite simple and quick to make. Learning this can not only be a good hobby for them, but also keep them engaged for a long time.

2. Newspaper flowers:

Waiting to get rid of the old newspapers? Wait, you can make something really creative with it. Roll it up and make beautiful DIY podiums. Also help your child to color it to make it even more beautiful. You can make various decorative items from newspapers.

3. Finger puppet:

In our list, this finger puppet is the easiest and most interesting thing to do. You only need a small piece of paper and a pen for this. Your child will love doing it and will quickly learn the art too. Let them do as much as possible and suggest that it can be offered to all family members. It’s really going to keep him engaged for a long time.

4. Move the paper fish:

Making this moving paper fish may take a little longer, but your child will definitely enjoy the process. And the end result is pretty amazing too. Add as many colored pencils as you need to make it even more interesting.

5. Crafts from a newspaper:

It may seem difficult to do, but it is not. You just have to roll newspapers as shown in the video and glue them together with glue. Make sure the eraser is thick enough to hold the paper. Color it and it can be used for various purposes.

These may be some of the easy craft ideas to try out, but you can improve it by using your creativity. Teach your kids these paper crafts and they are sure to love it. Let them learn new creativity in this confinement.

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