Minecraft has been around for over a decade and is a staple for gamers young and old, still popular among streamers, and attracting new players over the years. Although the game has come a long way since its beta days, some players may still want to know how they can craft the essentials, as sometimes the ingredients can be surprising. Such an element is Paper, which is an interesting learning opportunity in itself. Read on for our guide to How to make paper in Minecraft!

Minecraft book recipe: How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is made by putting 3 pieces of sugar caneharvested from the tall stems you’ll see next to water around most trailheads, in the middle 3 squares of the 3×3 crafting grid. Sugarcane is incredibly plentiful in the game and is easy to farm quickly, so you’ll be able to produce huge amounts of paper quickly. You can use it in the middle, middle left, and bottom left of the crafting grid with leather on the bottom middle square to make books. It also helps create additional blank maps (especially useful if you lose the one you started with) as well as banners, cartography tables, and even fireworks.

The reasoning for paper being made from sugarcane instead of the modern source, wood fiber from trees, is likely inspired by the historic use of papyrus, which resembled sugarcane. There is also a recent trend in which companies are using bagasse, the fibrous pulp left over after extracting sugar from sugarcane. Minecraft is a versatile, fun and educational tool for all ages and whether you’re aiming to build massive monuments or survive the night, it’s always important to know how things are made in order to thrive.

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Minecraft is as ubiquitous as a game can be and is available on all major platforms across multiple generations.


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