Independence Day 2022: Now that Independence Day (August 15) is almost here, it is crucial to teach children its meaning. Using crafts can be a great approach to inspiring patriotism in children. Let’s welcome this Independence Day by making patriotic tricolor crafts and celebrate it with the kids with pride and delight. (Also read: Independence Day 2022: History, Meaning, Celebrations and Everything You Need to Know)

1. Three-color paper flower

Make this day more colorful and exciting with an easy tricolor paper flower. All you need to make it are sheets of A4 colored paper (saffron, white, green), fevicol and scissors.

Step 1 – Take the colored leaves and cut them into two equal pieces. After cutting, first grab the saffron leaf and roll it tightly. Do the same with the other two sheets. After rolling it completely, glue it with fevicol.

Step 2 – Using the scissors, cut thin standing stripes. Be sure to cut them firmly and evenly or you risk losing your pattern.

Step 3 – When you are done with the stripes, simply pull and twist the orange blossom up. Do this with patience as the scratches can tear if you pull them with force.

2. Three-color paper crown

It is a holistic craft activity as it also includes cutting, gluing and coloring. For this activity you need a white sheet of A4 format, a ribbon, a straw, a color poster, a brush, a bottle cap, scissors and fevicol .

Step 1 – Take a straw and wrap the paper around it. Apply fevicol by rolling and after making a paper straw, remove the straw.

Step 2- Make six paper straws like this and cut them in half. You will now have 18 small paper straws.

Step 3- Take an equal size paper of straw and stick all the straws one by one. Add a ribbon to the back of the paper.

Step 4- Now your wreath is ready and it’s time to make it tricolor. Apply the colors and you’re done.

3. Three-color paper flower badge

All you need for this activity is an A4 sheet, tape, fevicol, scissors, scales, safety pin and thick sheet

Step 1 – Cut the sheet into three equal sizes, then fold each sheet and cut the folded side and apply glue to the side of the paper.

Step 2 – Fold the sheet in a circular motion and make it like a loop. Do the same with the other two sheets and add one after the other.

Step 3 – After adding one strip after another, you now have a beautiful tricolor flower with looping petals.

Step 4 – Glue it to a circular piece of thick foil and add a safety pin and your tricolor badge is ready.

4. Tricolor butterfly flag

It’s easy, creative and takes just 5 minutes. All you need for this activity are A4 sheets (saffron, green, white), scissors and fevicol.

Step 1 – Take each leaf and draw a butterfly on it. Make sure they are different sizes.

Step 2- Cut the butterflies from each of the leaves.

Step 3- Fold the butterflies into two equal halves and place them one after the other and apply fevicol in the middle. And your tricolor butterflies are ready.

It’s ideal for independence day decoration and you can place them as you like.

5. Three-color pen holder

This is a cute Republic Day craft. This pencil holder will be a great utilitarian DIY for kids. All you need for this activity is a tin can, toilet paper roll, white sheet, colors, quilling needle, glue and scissors.

Step 1 – Take the toilet paper and wrap it around the tin can. Once done, apply glue and let it dry.

Step 2- Once dried, paint it tricolor. Now take tricolor leaves and cut them into small strips.

Step 3 – Now use a quilling needle and tricolor quilling strips to create the quirky eye-shaped petals for the flower.

Step 4 – You can shape the petals by making loose coils, then pinching them at opposite ends and making an eye shape. Make the central bulb of the flower by tightly wrapping a strip of navy blue quilling.

Step 5- Now glue the petals around the central navy blue bulb. Glue the flower to the front of the pencil holder.

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