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  • Be crafty this Halloween with these spooky craft ideas

    Looking for Halloween craft ideas to brighten up your party? Be inspired by these spooky decorations that are sure to scare your ghoulish guests.

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    1. Create a DIY doormat

    Image credit: David Giles

    Personalize your doormat for Halloween.

    Takes 2h

    You will need:
    Cricut Explore Air, £240, crafting
    Cricut iron-on black vinyl, £12, Hobbycraft
    Gray washable doormat, £2, Dunelm
    The iron

    1. Download the BOO! Project the mat onto your Cricut machine and follow the instructions to print it onto black iron-on vinyl. Be sure to use the “mirror images” box so that the image is reversed.

    2. Follow the application instructions to adhere the iron-on vinyl to the surface of the doormat and try to remove any air bubbles with the iron as you go for a smooth finish.

    2. Trendy Glue Gun Canvases


    Image credit: David Giles

    Try your hand at these decorative DIY cobwebs.

    Takes 30 mins

    You will need:
    small hot glue gun
    Black glue gun sticks (7mm diameter), £4.18 for 10, Amazon
    parchment paper

    1. Plug in the glue gun and insert a black glue stick. Let it heat up. Working on a sheet of parchment paper, carefully draw a vertical line with the spray gun, then repeat to draw a line across to make a cross. Add two more diagonal lines to create a star shape.

    2. Use the glue gun to join the cobweb shaped lines. Allow to cool slightly then peel the strip from the paper and place it on a flat surface to continue drying.

    3. Spook with pom pom pumpkins and acorn ghosts

    Halloween DIY Ideas

    Image credit: David Giles

    Make these adorable characters out of yarn scraps.

    Takes 1h

    You will need:
    Clover 65mm pom pom maker, £7 for two, Hobbycraft
    6 x DMC tapestry wool in orange, 85p each, Cloud Craft
    Dark green pipe cleaners, £1.10 per pack, Hobbycraft
    Scissors and pencil
    Clear fishing line
    ruler and cardboard
    White yarn, £2.89 a ball, Minerva Crafts

    1. To make the pumpkins, use the pom pom maker to make an orange pom pom. Cut a pipe cleaner into three pieces and bend one end of one piece around the middle, then wrap the other end around a pencil to bend it into shape. Tie the fishing line around the end for hanging.

    2. To make the ghost pompoms, cut out a 10x12cm piece of cardboard. Cut a small piece of wool and place it along the length of the cardboard. Wrap the rest of the yarn around the width of the cardboard 25 times and tie the short piece tightly around one end. Cut the yarn at one end to release the pom pom. Tie another length of yarn around the neck of the pom pom and tie a knot to secure it, then suspend it with fishing line. Add googly eyes if you like!

    4. Turn the stakes into bats

    Halloween Craft Ideas Bat Stakes

    Image credit: David Giles

    Turn wooden clothespins into playful decorations.

    Takes 1h

    You will need:
    Wooden pegs, £3.50 for 50, Sainsbury’s
    Black craft acrylic paint, £1.00, Hobbycraft
    A4 black card, £1.80 for 10 sheets, Hobbycraft
    pencil & glue
    The scissors

    1. Paint the dowels all over (try not to paint over the hinges if possible) with black paint and let dry. Draw a single bat wing on a sheet of black cardboard and cut it out. Repeat to make more bat wings.

    2. Carefully glue the painted pegs in the middle of two black cardboard wings and let dry before hanging them as decorations.

    5. Scare guests with bloody candles

    Halloween-DIY-ideas-drip candles

    Image credit: David Giles

    Give pillar candles a spooky finish.

    Takes 30 mins

    You will need:
    Fenomen white candles, £4 for five, Ikea
    Sinnlig red candle, £2.50, Ikea

    1. Light the red candle and let it burn for a few minutes so that a small puddle of wax forms at the base of the wick. Working on a sheet of newspaper, carefully tilt the red candle over one of the white candles so that the red wax drips over it.

    2. Repeat the process until the candle is covered with red drops all around. Be careful not to touch the candle or wax while it’s hot, and don’t let children try this project.

    Will you make any of these spooky Halloween craft ideas? What’s your favorite ?