Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said teaching children “inherently divisive concepts” in school is teaching young people to judge others.

“We shouldn’t play favored bingo with kids, we shouldn’t teach kids that they have to judge each other and that one group is privileged and another group is necessarily going to have trouble in the life,” Youngkin explained.

Youngkin’s remarks came in an interview with Robert Costa on CBS News”Confront the NationSunday where he also discussed, in part, his potential candidacy for the presidency in 2024, abortion and Capitol Riot of January 6.

“We absolutely strive to teach the whole story, the good and the bad. And again, we can bring people together around that, instead of dividing them,” Youngkin says. “And we shouldn’t blame anyone and make them think they’re inherently racist because of their race, gender or religion. We shouldn’t be judging each other.”

Costa called the effort to ban the theory a “challenge” and then posed a follow-up question: “Suppose your school board comes to you, Governor, and says, ‘Governor, Civil War, we recommend that ‘she’s too confrontational. We want to call it the war between the states. What would you do?”

The governor argued that the scenario would not happen.

“I think what we all recognize is that slavery was an absolute black spot in our history, I mean, it’s so, so heinous. We have to teach it. And it’s not a time when we run away from these subjects.”

“And that’s why I’m so excited about our education program in Virginia,” he added.