We love that this is the time of year to indulge in fall craft ideas. One thing we realize, however, is that life gets busy, even with kids back to school, so we know you’ll want them to be simple to make.

Chances are you also want all your fall decorating ideas to have longevity, so we’ve chosen ideas that are not only quick and affordable to make, but will be wonderfully easy to update and add to. Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

We asked stylist Sara Bird to create some of these fall craft ideas just for us. Others are grouped into favorites by Homes & Gardens crew.

Sara Bird worked on the Homes & Gardens team for many years, making seasonal projects more beautiful for us. Sara is passionate about remodeling and renovating homes and interiors and always warms up to good interior ingredients.

Fall DIY Ideas

Wondering when to start decorating for fall? We would say right away. Even if you don’t indulge in fall craft ideas for indoors for another week or two, chances are you’re already looking at your neighbors’ fall porch ideas and feeling inspired to. go.

1. Decorate your porch with fall candles

Fall craft idea with hollowed-out apples for candle wax and flowers

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“This fall craft idea can of course be used indoors or out, but we love how simple it is, especially outside on a porch or doorstep, where the temperature cooler air will ensure the apples and flowers last longer,” says Jo Bailey, Homes & Gardens Assistant editor and stylist.

“Birds in the local garden are likely to peck at the fruit, you might want to make sure candle drips are regularly removed, but if you’re looking to feed the birds in the winter this is a great craft idea of autumn. Just core out a few apples, place candle wicks in the bottom of the hollow and pour some wax into it. Let it set and you’re good to go.

Amazon sells a set of natural wax and wicks (opens in a new tab).

As with all of our ideas, never leave burning candles unattended.

2. Use paint to transform a room for fall

Fall decor living room with fireplace and wood floor

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“If you’re looking for a fall decoration for the living room with a touch of craftsmanship, why not use some painting hacks?” » suggest the associate editor (digital) of Homes & Gardens. ‘Use stencils or paint freehand to introduce a unique living room wall idea to your home.

“It’s also a wonderful way to introduce fall color combinations into otherwise neutral rooms, and can easily be painted over in the spring – or you can introduce spring decorating ideas instead.”

3. Make an outdoor fall decorating idea easy

Fall craft idea with pumpkins on and around a crate

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Looking for easy outdoor fall decorating ideas?

“Use humble terracotta pots to house pumpkins, foliage and flowers to give doorways and entryways an autumnal look,” says Sara Bird. ‘Use a crate to elevate and add height with more foliage and lanterns arranged on the ground. A lantern and candle will give a warm and inviting glow in the evening.

4. Hang a Basket of Fall Foliage on a Doorway

fall crafts

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Wondering how to start decorating for fall? Foraging in the yard is the easiest way to do this.

“Gathering woodland treats to decorate your home with seasonal fall favorites is the easiest of fall craft ideas,” says Sara Bird. ‘Choose leafy branches and cut them to a similar length about ⅓ longer than the basket you want to display them in. Gather them in a bouquet and distribute them inside the basket so that they fall pleasantly on each side of the handles. Hang from the back of a doorway for an instant foliage accent.

‘Add a personal touch with a charm hanging from a ribbon – in this case, rustic door keys.’

5. Hang a Simple Fall Wreath

fall crafts

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Fall wreath ideas are a basic fall craft you can create from scratch, or you can make a burlap wreath and simply tie fall flowers into this simplest base.

‘Show off shapely stems in a woodland-inspired wreath. Using a ready-made willow wreath, add lengths of vine to create a base, teasing the twigs for a rustic look. Take bent foliage branches add around the wreath in curves, push in and out twigs and secure with florist’s wire. Finally, insert the cuttings of berries, flowers and seed heads, then hang the wreath with a ribbon of seasonal color”, explains Sara Bird, who also shows us how to make an autumn wreath in our dedicated article.

“To create a wreath to use year-round, choose preserved and dyed flowers and foliage.”

6. Simply dress up an autumn table

fall table with fall craft centerpiece

(Image credit: Helen Rushton/Future)

If you’re making a pinecone wreath for fall, you might like to combine your fall table decorating ideas with it to create a cohesive theme.

“I love stacking pine cones on a tiered cake stand and placing sprigs of berries and small fall flowers in between,” says Homes & Gardens content editor Zara Stacey, but I love the laid-back, quick-to-assemble arrangement above.

7. Dress up a bookshelf or mantel for fall

fall crafts

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“Dress up simple shelves or mantels to celebrate fall by organizing and displaying glorious autumnal bounty,” says Sara Bird. “One of the simplest ideas for fall mantels is to use a tumbler or vase for cut flowers, then pick nuts, seeds, fruit and leaves to fill bottles, jars and bare surfaces to give color and texture to this focal point of the room.”

8. Decorate a light fixture for fall, indoors and out

A cozy outdoor dining area with red blankets, beige cushions and candles

Outdoor dining area by Neptune (opens in a new tab)

(Image credit: Neptune)

“Whether you have a traditional chandelier in your living room or a rustic candelabra outside, simply wrapping foliage around it (real is wonderful, fake is fine!) will create a focal point that will immediately give your space a fall feeling,” says Andrea Childs. , editor of Country houses and interiors. ‘This is a wonderful outdoor dining idea that will make outside gatherings are really nice.

As always, keep open flames away from anything else and do not leave candles unattended.

9. Arrange fall flowers for a quick result

fall crafts

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Alright, so that only qualifies as a fall craft idea, but it’s effective nonetheless.

“Create an easy arrangement with fall foliage, flower sprigs, seed heads and berries that look good and last,” says Sara Bird. ‘Choose woody stems and flowers that dry out in style, with the odd sprig retained for stability, and lay out cuttings of similar length. Watch them gradually dry and preserve them, then gather them together and use them in a bouquet to hang from the ceiling afterwards.

“Insert paper flowers for more color and a stronger shape,” she adds.


fall crafts

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Coffee table decoration ideas are really important to create a focal point in your living room.

“Place a seasonal arrangement in the center of the room to catch the eye day or night,” says Sara Bird. ‘Use a cake stand on which to raise and house a glass vase with a candle placed inside. Dress up in foliage, flowers, berries and seasonal finds throughout the seasons.

Do it yourself fall crafts?

Two of our favorite and easiest fall DIY DIYs are easy-carving pumpkin ideas (think: spraying white pumpkins, stacking them on porches, etc.) and making a pumpkin planter, which can be used to show off fall flowers for pots or cut flower arrangements.

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