These tags are so simple, so easy that even the most DIY enthusiast can have fun. Take out your scrapbooking stash and start creating!

• Solid colored kraft paper

• patterned kraft paper

• Shape of perforators, optional

• A brown marker or pen

1. Using a letter opener, cut solid colored kraft paper into rectangles. (Ours are 2 x 3 inches.)

2. Cut the corners of the short sides of the rectangle. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top center of the label.

3. Cut out triangles from patterned paper. (Ours are 1½ by 2 inches.)

4. Use adhesive foam dots to attach triangles (trees) to the label.

5. Decorate further with shape punches. We used a star for the top of the tree and a heart. Another idea is to tie tiny bows to the tree.