Another post to bring out the artist in you! If you want to spruce up your home without breaking the bank, we’ve got some DIY ideas to help you achieve the look you want. Do you like the rustic charm that rope brings to things? From DIY rope candle holders to mirror, there are also plenty of ways to bring rustic charm to your home.

We love the idea of ​​using rope crafts for decorating the house. Ropes are so versatile and inexpensive that it just seems right to add them at home. Plus, having shades of brown and black not only adds rustic charm to your home, but beautifies your living space. If you are also looking for DIY, look no further.

Scroll down to find DIY rope projects for your home.

DIY macrame

If you love elaborate wall hangings and bohemian chic macrame hammocks, then this DIY project is for you. However, this art form takes time, patience, and of course, practice!

Swirled carpet

Do you like the braided rope look? If so, then take it on a much bigger scale with this lovely swirled rug. You can also create a doormat that will look amazingly modern with any decor.

Nautical rope mirror

Another amazing home decor piece is this rope framed mirror. You need a base cardboard as the base for the mirror, natural jute string, a round mirror and a hot glue gun to put everything together. This idea will go perfectly with a clock or a photo frame.


Who knew that it would be so easy to make something so beautiful with a simple, thick rope? Discover this fabulous idea to bring a little rustic charm to your baskets. You can either make a coiled rope or cover one up.

Signs and words

Do you like big words or sayings displayed? If so, it could be a really cute and fun decorating addition to your home. Using the same method in the video, you can easily spell any special word or sign you like.


Are you tired of looking for a cheap ottoman that looks like you? Why not try to make one from an old tire? It’s a bit more complicated than the other projects on the list but it will become your favorite when finished. Be very careful while doing this.

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