As the weather begins to cool, the leaves will soon begin to change and begin to fall from the trees. When the leaves are those bright and vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds, they’re a perfect way to tap into nature and use them as craft supplies. Grab a bucket, take a nature walk, and have the children collect leaves of different shapes and colors.

Here are some creative fall leaf craft ideas you can try.

Fall Leaf Suncatcher

Creative Fall Leaf Craft IdeasCreative Fall Leaf Craft IdeasStationery: Contact paper, foils, scissors, foil templates, and tissue paper (optional).

Peel off the paper contact paper, carefully lay it sticky side up, and let the kids stick the sheets on. Cover with another sheet of clear contact paper and trim the edges or glue the sheets to half of the contact paper and fold the empty half of the contact paper over the sheets and press down to seal. Stick your suncatchers in a window that gets lots of sunlight.

They are perfect for hanging over a large window for display. If you don’t have sheets or need something smaller, you can use contact paper, template sheets, and cut pieces of tissue paper. You can leave it as a large sheet or you can cut it into any shape you want.

autumn trees

Creative Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

Stationery: Construction paper, scissors, sheets and glue

Take your construction paper and cut slits on one side. Roll it up and glue the ends together to make a cylinder (you can also use a paper towel or toilet paper roll instead). Glue the leaves to each slot until you fill the tree. Decorate the tree by adding eyes and a mouth.

Autumn Handprint Trees

Autumn Handprint Trees

Supplies: white construction paper, green, orange, brown, red and yellow paint, Q-tips, rubber bands.

This is a fall tree craft where you actually don’t need to use real leaves. Lay your child’s arm and hand on paper and trace to create the trunk and branches of the tree, then paint it brown. Take a small pile of Q-tips and secure them together with a rubber band. Make several so you have one for each color and don’t mix the paint. Have the kids dip the Q-tips in paint and dab the different colors around the “branches” to create the “leaf” look. Try overlapping the dots and watch their handprint transform into a beautiful autumn tree!

Autumn leaf animals

Creative Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

Stationery: Cardboard or construction paper, pencils, sheets.

In this craft I used cardboard because it is more durable, but you can also use construction paper. Draw, trace or print an animal of your choice. Lions, horses, owls or turkeys are a great choice as you can use the leaves as hair/feathers. Decorate or color your animals as you wish then simply glue the leaves to form the animal’s mane.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” -Albert Camus

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