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  • 2018 will see the rise of new, more specialized crafts becoming mainstream as the country becomes more adventurous, but which craft trends are on the decline?

    Crafting is a great activity to do, especially on a rainy day – and it can improve mental health, encourage mindfulness, allow us to socialize, and even improve our physical well-being. In addition, we can also involve children. With so many benefits to this creative hobby, why not try some of the most popular crafts for the coming year? It’s time to tinker!

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    Hobbycraft has compiled its first Craft Report after surveying 10,000 UK adults, to reveal which crafts are set to matter in 2018 and which are set to disappear. The UK’s biggest crafts retailer predicts the rise of more specialist crafts as the country gets a little more adventurous and creative this year.

    Predictions for the best professions for 2018 include:

    1. Lino print

    2. Candle making

    craft ideas craft trends 2018

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    3. Weaving

    craft ideas craft trends 2018 weaving

    Image credit: Alun Callender

    4. Jungle prints

    craft ideas craft trends 2018

    Image credit: Polly Wreford

    5. Macrame

    Artisan hobbies turn into jobs as artisans turn their talents into cooking businesses. The report’s findings reveal that almost half (44%) of the nation believe that if no one manufactured in the UK it would have a negative impact on the economy, revealing the importance of small craft businesses.

    The popularity of new professions automatically causes other professions to disappear, and Hobbycraft reveals the following professions that are falling out of favor.

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    Crafts decreasing in popularity this year:

    1. Mosaics

    craft ideas craft trends 2018 mosaics

    2. Candy making

    3. Jewelry making

    4. Mache craftsmanship

    craft ideas craft trends 2018

    Photo credit: Claudia Uribe

    5. Adult coloring

    Hobbycraft sees an average of more than 60,000 searches for the term “mindfulness” on its website each month, as the nation turns to craftsmanship to help them feel good. This is an increase of 3% over one year. When it comes to disconnecting from a hectic life, 54% of the nation uses crafts to unwind and 28% of people use crafts to improve their mental health.

    Customization by craftsmanship is on the rise, as Hobbycraft sees sales of trimmings increase by 13.8%, which are used for fringes. Whether it’s a personalized garment or a handmade piece of jewelry, fashion and craftsmanship now go hand in hand, even though one-fifth of the nation can’t sew. Shocking!

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    The craft movement is a growing trend with almost two-thirds of UK adults describing craft as ‘trendy’ and 25-34 year olds are the age group who think so the most (67%). The report also reveals that one in four people have a friend or family member who uses crafts to feel good and women (31%) are more likely to do crafts to feel good than men. men (19%).

    So; we are a nation of artisans! What craft hobby will you take up in 2018?