Make your own ice cream with this pattern and puffy fabric paints. You can make any “flavor” you like, but don’t try to eat it no matter how delicious it looks. Ideal for role playing !

Hot vacation weather and we dream of ice cream and ice cream. Alternatively, my favorite frozen treat flavors are calamansi and double shot latte, and if I can’t have them, I can most certainly settle for a Magnum Double Caramel Ego or two.

While we’re on the subject of ice cream, I’ve put together a delicious ice cream toy project that will make you want to lick it off. While I wouldn’t recommend eating these ice cream toys, playing with them is definitely a close second to eating the real thing. Let’s get started!

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How cute do they look ?! Origin: supplied.

What do you need:


Print the model at 100 percent. Cut out the template and trace three pieces of cone onto embossed colored card stock. Cut out the waffle cone pieces from card stock.

Paint intersecting lines on the three waffle cone pieces. Refer to the template as a visual guide.

Glue the tab of the cone. The glue closed each of the cone pieces.

Glue along the large circumference of each cone. Press a foam ball onto each cone.

Pour puffy fabric paint over each foam ball. Then, using a spatula, spread and pat the swollen fabric paint. Use a different colored paint for each scoop of ice cream. Run puffy fabric paint over the cone near the knuckle of the ball to make it look like ice cream is dripping down the side. Add dots and glitter of puffy fabric paint in contrasting colors to the balls.

Craft Ideas for Kids: How to Make an Ice Cream Toy |  Video

This is the fun part! Origin: supplied.

Set aside the three ice cream cones and let the paint on the swollen fabric dry for four to 24 hours. The drying time varies depending on the ambient temperature and the thickness of the paint layer. Drying time can be speeded up with a hair dryer. However, if you are using a hair dryer, set the heat setting to “hot” (not hot). Also keep a distance of 20cm between the hair dryer and the wet ice toy. Now the ice cream is ready to serve… I mean, play with it. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Crafts: How to Make an Ice Cream Toy Using Cardboard and Fabric Paint

Not safe to eat (although they look delicious!). Origin: supplied.

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