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It seems like everyone is running out of time at Christmas. The to-do list seems endless between buying and wrapping gifts, preparing your Christmas feast, organizing the logistics around travel dates, and juggling the various social events of the holiday season. Plus, dare I forget, there are also kids who are usually on school break at this time and need to be entertained. The answer: Christmas crafts. While some people might be wrong about getting creative, they might change their mind with this list of five Christmas craft activities because they are both cute and functional. They’re also quick and easy to organize, while still being fun enough for adults. You can make Christmas decorations out of just about anything – paper, cardboard, pine cones, doilies, pasta, popsicles, and twigs, to name a few. As long as you have a piece of string ready to tie it to the tree, you’ll be laughing. Or you can even buy inexpensive balls with the twine already attached and decorate them yourself with paint, glitter, and glitter. Create personalized socks for your whole family. Find old fabric or visit your local fabric store and cut out two shapes of stockings exactly the same size. Children can glue the two pieces of fabric together around the hem while adults should be able to sew – by hand or by machine, it’s your choice – them together. And remember, don’t make your sock too big – or do it. But remember, the bigger the bottom, the more freebies it will take to fill it up. Who doesn’t love an advent calendar? And what a simple idea you can make at home, and the best part is, your calendar can be as chic or old-fashioned as you want it to be. Find yourself a nice long branch in the garden of the house and attach 25 brown paper bags with gems hidden inside, as shown on the left. Maybe you want something more traditional – you could make a Santa face with the numbers 1 to 25 listed on the inside of Santa’s beard. For each passing day, you can glue a cotton ball on the corresponding number, and on Christmas day, Santa’s beard will be finished. Give your kids a roll of butcher paper and let them go wild with paints, texts, crayons, glitter and glue. Once their masterpiece is finished and left long enough to dry, you can roll it up again and use it as wrapping paper for all your Christmas presents. This project will not only keep your kids busy until Santa Claus arrives, but it will save you from having to go to the store at the last minute when you realize you don’t have Christmas wrapping paper at the ready. House. Have you ever had the honor of putting the star on top of the Christmas tree? If so, you can probably still feel the overwhelming joy that it brings. Well, why not take it up a notch this year and crown the tree with a star that you or your kids have made by hand. All you need is glue and five paint sticks you can get at your local hardware store or, for a more rustic look, five straight sticks collected from under trees all measuring the same size. Glue the sticks together in a star shape. If you want to be fancy, you can paint the star and glue transparent fairy lights to it to glow at night. You can make smaller versions of them with popsicle sticks and hang them as adornments on windows, mantel, or tree.