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Wonder Craft: Paper Flower Crown – Journ

December is the month of celebration for us and even more so for our Christian brothers and sisters, because it is the time to celebrate Christmas. The month also brings a break from studies and exams. Thus, you benefit more from the cold because with it comes the winter holidays. So to cherish the celebration […]

Wonder Craft: Paper Animal Bookmarks – J

Wherever you are, whatever you do, books are still close companions for most of us. And for an avid reader, a book is incomplete without a bookmark. Yes, bookmarks, whether simpler or more trendy, are favorites of all book lovers, of all generations. For those of you who prefer to bring out your creativity in […]

Have you heard of Washi craft paper? Th...

~~ ~ Washi fabric is attracting worldwide attention due to its excellent breathability, durability and durability. Furukawa Yosuke Shoten, a company with deep roots in the textile industry in Otsu City, a town 30 kilometers from Kyoto, sells bespoke jackets woven from twisted Japanese washi yarns. With these jackets, the company introduces a new fashion […]

Learn how to make paper dolls

The “Do the Mu! At the Musée Massillon in June will feature the art of paper dolls with instructor Kat Francis. His virtual demonstration of the project will be posted on,, and at noon on Saturday June 6. This project concerns the Cut Up / Cut Out exhibition which will be […]

Venezuela’s currency: worth more as craf

Santa Marta, Colombia – Along the cobbled streets of the coastal city of Santa Marta, demand for bolivares from Venezuela is skyrocketing, but not for the monetary value of the tickets. Instead of using his homeland’s money to pay for basic necessities in his homeland, Venezuelan immigrant Hector Cordero weaves change into wallets and handbags, […]

Craft, paper, scissors – The Hindu

When self-taught artists turn sheets of paper into intricate works of art and call it meditation If Japan gave us origami, then China gave us cut paper. Art that dates back to the 4th century AD has recently found a resurgence among artists and enthusiasts. And the exclusivity (most artists create unique pieces), as well […]

Artists make paper from invasive plants ...

TRAVERSE CITY – Katie Grzesiak could dump all the garlic mustard weeds her volunteers pull into the landfill to biodegrade. Instead, she dries some of it to make a beautiful craft paper with a spring green tint. “We’re definitely encouraging people to take it out, so it’s a great way to deal with it,” said […]

Monona Grove High School Students Dress ...

They did this by taking a different approach for the top half of the dress. On the bodice, made of smooth pink wrapping paper, they wrote words in marker that they had thought through to illustrate the fashion’s conflicting messages. In block letters and cursive, descriptive words including “blonde”, “beauty”, “sexy” and “blue eyes” shared […]

Bargain Mom Spring Craft: Paper Flowers ...

Facebook share Share on twitter Christie Dedman / Press TeamHang them from the ceiling or make smaller versions and decorate your child’s Easter basket. Either way, get the kids involved! Tired of ordinary tissue paper flowers? Try this construction paper flower for spring decorations: You will need: Paper Scissors Staple or tape Fishing line Instructions: […]