There is only little screen time which is good for young children. Mobile games, television cartoons, and online lessons can only keep a child passively engaged. What has been lacking during long months of confinement is active involvement that frees their imaginations and fosters creativity. As a parent or teacher, you should always be on the lookout for innovative activities that capture their interest and pique their curiosity.

Craft activities have been recognized as excellent vehicles for developing fine motor skills and creativity, and encouraging the exploration of textures and the flight into their imaginations. Engaging in different types of craft activities also develops critical thinking, social skills and helps them to express themselves better. And of course, keep them away from the screens that seem to dominate our lives these days!

Here are some ideas for teachers as well as parents to bring the art of crafts for kids to life while they stay in the shelter in place.

# Art from waste

Children around the world have been inspired by young Greta Thunberg’s desire to save the planet, and you can inspire your children by encouraging them to recycle and reuse too. One creative way to do this is to have them save used plastic bottles to make plant holders, used cardboard boxes to make stationery holders and frames from pistachio shells, and make toy animals out of the box. using used toilet paper roll cylinders. Show them how to save used wrapping paper, ribbons and string to decorate their art. Things have been pretty choppy in the world lately, so teach them how to make a dream catcher out of old hangers and string decorated with sequins and colorful feathers, then weave some stories that will make those bad dreams run away!


# Bring stories to life with puppets

Talking about stories, puppets (with strings), or finger puppets can be a great way to bring history books or literature to life. You can play out whole story books by making characters cut out of cardboard or fabric dolls stuffed with rags, faces painted with fabric colors, and dresses cut out of used clothing. You can even craft trinkets and accessories like swords, baskets, and cloth and paper bags and let their imaginations run wild as they build their own stories, too! Create a dollhouse in their bedroom where they can innovatively store the puppets and help them set up the dollhouse in their own way.

# DIY this Diwali

This holiday season, you don’t have to leave your home to buy lanterns, diyas and torans. Instead, get your supplies like colorful card stock, glitter paper, paints, crepe paper, and swags to brighten up your home. Help them make their own lanterns to hang on the windows and help them paint and decorate the clay diyas. Create innovative scallops using scissors and glue to hang on balconies and thresholds and watch their fun at their DIY Diwali! Let them bring their own personality to their bedrooms this holiday season by having them create family message boards and homemade gifts or Diwali greeting cards for family and friends!

# Bring scientific projects to life

Teach children how to make miniature models of motorcycles and windmills from Lego pieces, wooden sticks, cardboard, and any other material of their choice. Encourage them to plant seeds in a container they have decorated themselves and watch the young shoots grow by watering them daily. Help them make their own kaleidoscopes, telescopes and pin cameras, which will help them better understand the laws of physics. Cardboard, pieces of glass, mirrors and a little glue are enough!


# Play!

The games are not only played on the cell phone! Encourage children to create their own checkers and board games using buttons and seashells and bottle crowns for tokens and dice, and fabric or card stock for the pictures. They can create their own treasure hunts, magic shows and marble mazes using the packing materials from the delivery boxes. Older children can also create their own word puzzles and puzzles.

These craft activities can be as engaging and varied as your imagination allows, and the best part is that they can also be taught at home or online. Just keep accessories and tools like scissors, rulers, pencils, pencils, paints and glitter on hand when embarking on an art class with the kids. Good glue that is not messy, easy to apply, and non-toxic will ensure that your craft ideas come to life without a hitch. Asian Paints TRUGRIP CR-8 is the perfect choice you can choose for letting kids build their lanterns, create intricate models, or decorate their wall art. The adhesive is completely child-safe and lends itself well to a variety of surfaces – whether it’s paper, string or wood chips. It also helps the packaging to be recyclable, helping you to reinforce the ideas of recycling and environmental awareness in children.

The original shape and exciting colors of each pack of the TRUGRIP CR-8 make it a pleasure to experiment with as children use it to glue their cutouts, or string together scallops or make their own puppets! Each pack contains just enough glue to make each of your kids’ projects last, so they understand the importance of not wasting materials! There is a 10 TRUGRIP CR-8 Super Saver Pack that lets your kids’ imaginations soar, whether they’re twill, greeting cards, or decorating their child’s home. doll.

Let the continued forced stay indoors not to hinder your child’s growth. Be innovative and watch your little artists surprise you with their creativity!

Disclaimer: Content produced by Asian Paints