Hang them from the ceiling or make smaller versions and decorate your child’s Easter basket. Either way, get the kids involved!

Tired of ordinary tissue paper flowers? Try this construction paper flower for spring decorations:

You will need:



Staple or tape

Fishing line


You will need 6 squares.

The bigger the square, the bigger the flower

Fold into a triangle.


triangular cut.jpgStep 1. Fold your square into a triangle. Make 1/2 inch cuts like this, but don’t cut completely at the end.


loop.jpgStep 2: Roll the center diamond back and glue or staple the ends. Roll the outer diamond in the same direction and secure it. Roll the central diamond in the opposite direction and secure it.


secure flower.jpgSTEP 3: Secure the bottom of the center diamond to the outer diamond with tape or staple.
picking flowers.jpgSTEP 4: Gather the 6 creations to form your flower. You will secure with tape or staples. Then add a rod of green construction paper or a pipe cleaner for the smaller versions.

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