Apr 24, 2020 1:02 PM STI

Tokyo [Japan], April 24 (ANI): The intricate samurai figure is created entirely from folded paper. This art form is known as origami, which originated in Japan.
This artwork can be found at Origami Kaikan in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.
Kazuo Kobayashi from Origami Museum said, “We wanted the world to appreciate the art of origami and learn about its history. Also, here we showcased the art of painting origami paper in our museum. From many people came here to see our technique which we have mastered for 30 years “.
Origami began in temples where the paper was folded in a special way to be presented as a token of appreciation to the gods.
It then became a form of entertainment and games for a variety of ages, as it was taught in schools.
Today, origami has become a great source of inspiration for a variety of fields such as medical devices and origami engineering that applies to architecture or aircraft engineering.
Visitors can come and enjoy a range of experiences, as well as learn the process of creating origami.

One customer said: “This shop is just a world of encouragement and creativity, and his love of art that he makes is a true artist. I am so privileged and honored to be here”.
There is also a paper dyeing workshop that visitors can view and see how the paper used for origami is dyed.
A museum employee said, “We have paper from all over Japan that we use for dyeing. We use thick and thin paper as well as other types. Some papers are fully dyed in one tone, while we apply different colors to other types. . We also have reflective and matte papers to meet all demands. “
This huge range of Origami paper gives people the chance to be as creative as they want.
Many of the museum’s objects are on display to inspire those who wish to learn more about this beautiful art.
Kazuo Kobayashi said, “When you create an origami animal like a rabbit etc., anyone can say what it is, so the Origami has the power to make people communicate regardless of language, language, age and race. That’s why I can make people smile when I do workshops abroad even if I don’t speak English “.
Origami is a form of Japanese art that can bring people all over the world together. (ANI)