Mike Garten / Danielle Daly

It’s Christmas craft season! As the holidays approach, get creative with family time and have kids, teens and adults try their hand at making these fun and festive crafts. We’re talking about simple, do-it-yourself Christmas projects that don’t require tons of supplies and that you can finish in an afternoon and then display them throughout the season to bring some serious holiday vibe into every. room in your house.

If homemade holiday decorations are your thing, you’re in luck. From traditional Christmas decorating to fresh and on-trend ideas guests will love (citrus napkin rings, fancy it?), We’ve got tutorials for all the decorative wreaths, tinsel, stocking stuffers, and centerpieces you could. to wish.

Trying to waste less before the new year? Reuse mason jar lids, straws and scraps of fabric to create beautiful new holiday displays. Or, avoid buying an expensive Advent calendar and create your own whimsical version using a ladder or matchboxes. Not only can family members still have fun counting the days, there’s also the added excitement of putting them together first.

And for those inevitable snowy days when the kids start to get excited stuck at home, you can keep the whole family safe and busy indoors by making unique homemade ornaments. Use them to decorate your tree at home or choose to give them as gifts to your grandparents, teachers and friends. Plus, new, creative ways to display greeting cards and packages, and cute decorating ideas to spruce up gifts under your tree. Ready, ready, tinker!