Hang up your festive porch decorations and grab your candy, because Halloween will be here before you know it! Plus, your kids are probably getting more and more excited about it with each passing day. After all, as Ree Drummond would remind you, these holidays are a family affair: “We usually have a big festival in town, at the Merc,” she explains. “And later that night at home, Ladd, me, and the kids watch horror movies and eat candy.”

We love Ree’s Halloween traditions, but that’s up to you to create those that speak to your own family. If you prefer creating fall wreaths, pouring your own Halloween candles, and making pumpkins, you’ll love the ideas compiled here. Have fun with everyone with DIY group Halloween costumes, spooky desserts and lots of pumpkin carving ideas.

You’ll also find sweet crafts that use up all the Halloween candy you’ve collected, including homemade treat bags. There are also plenty of candy-free tutorials, for those of you who prefer to avoid the dreaded sugar rush (and usually ensuing crash!), such as a spooky and fun game of tic-tac-toe. You will even find artistic activities that can be used as Halloween decorations.

Each of these Halloween crafts for kids will make your fall a little scarier and a whole lot more fun. Long live the afternoons of tracing, stenciling, and excitement all through October!