Egg boxes, tins, old boxes … these are all things you should recycle, but why not recycle them into items you will use over and over again ?! Let’s be smart and turn your trash into treasure with these fun ideas!

Canned Lanterns

Canned Lanterns (WDIV-TV 2020)

Age: Adults

Competence level: Moderate, must be able to work a drill

What you will need: Tin cans, drill with a metal bit, protective glove or vise, sharpie, spray paint that will work on metal.

Tin cans, drill with metal bit, spray paint that adheres to metal, sharpie (WDIV-TV 2020)

Method: First of all, clean your cans completely so that there is nothing on them. Next, plan the design you want to punch into your cans. It may be easier to draw it first on a piece of paper before marking it on the boxes with a sharpie. When planning, consider where the edges of the box are, you will want your drill tips to be in the crevices as your drill will be less likely to slip. After marking them on your box, use the drill and a metal bit to drill your designs into the box. Practice safety first and wear a thick protective glove on the hand you hold the box with, or better yet, use a vise to hold the box. After you’ve pierced your designs, you can check what they look like by looking at the inside of the box. Bring the cans to a well-ventilated area, put on something protective to cover the floor, then paint them any color you want. Once dry, place a tea light candle in each one and light them for a nice set of lanterns.

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Box cover drip tray

Box cover drip tray (WDIV-TV 2020)

Age: Adults

Competence level: Easy

What you will need: A box with a lid, decorative paper (wrapping paper works well), scissors, paint, glue, pen

Box with lid, glue, scissors, pen, paint, decorative paper (WDIV-TV 2020)

Method: Separate the lid from the bottom of the box and trace the bottom of the box onto the decorative paper. Although you are making the tote tray from the lid, you want to trace the bottom of the box because it is slightly smaller. After tracing, cut out the shape, the decorative paper should fit perfectly into the base of the cover. Then paint the cover the color you want. Acrylic paints will work, but spray paint is a bit easier to use. If you are using spray paint, be sure to take precautions to protect the floor and your clothing, and do so in a well-ventilated area. Once the lid is dry, glue the decorative paper into the base of the lid, and you have a chic tote tray.

Egg carton flowers

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Egg Carton Flower Crafts (WDIV-TV 2020)

Age: Children

Competence level: Easy

What you will need: Egg cartons, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, straws, glue, scissors, fun items to decorate

Method: First, remove the cover from the base of the egg carton, save the cover for later use as a paint palette. Then you will cut out the lower part of the cardboard according to the type of flowers you want to make. If you want to make flowers that look like sunflowers, cut out squares of 4. If you want flowers that look like tulips, cut out individual boxes. Once they’re roughly cut out, you can trim them to look a bit more like flower petals. Now let the kids paint the flowers! Once the flowers are all dry, use glue to secure the straws that will act as flower stems. Kids can also decorate the flowers further with pom poms, sequins, or whatever you like. Stick them in a vase and you have a fun, handmade flower arrangement.

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