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Turn the kids on, we have Halloween trea...

It’s officially “Scary Season,” which means a month of horror movie marathons, telling spooky stories, buying costumes and indulging in everything pumpkin spice flavored in the preparation for Halloween. October 31. Although the party originated in the United States, all the festive fun has spilled over to other parts of the world, including here in […]

30 best easy Christmas craft ideas in 20...

“Christmas to a child is the first terrible proof that traveling is hopefully better than arriving,” English comedian and actor Stephen Fry once said. And that feeling is certainly due to all the fun festivities and craft activities that lead up to the big day, so make the most of the moments of anticipation with […]

Wonder Craft: Paper Animal Bookmarks – J

Wherever you are, whatever you do, books are still close companions for most of us. And for an avid reader, a book is incomplete without a bookmark. Yes, bookmarks, whether simpler or more trendy, are favorites of all book lovers, of all generations. For those of you who prefer to bring out your creativity in […]