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Winter craft ideas for toddlers

[ad_1] Winter holidays are upon us and it’s time to spend some quality time with our little ones. A great way to do this is to make crafts with them! This keeps them away from screens and televisions and makes them work with their hands. Plus, winter crafts are always fun! Who doesn’t love a […]

Egyptian potters using mud from the Nile...

[ad_1] For generations, potters in the village of El Nazla have used mud carried by the Nile to make their items by hand, using techniques they believe date back to ancient Egypt. But they say they are now struggling to preserve their craft from the pressures of inflation, pollution and modernization. Potters manually mix clay, […]

Craft ideas for plastic coffee container...

[ad_1] It can be difficult to brew a lasting cup of coffee at home. Although we recommend that you find ethically sourced coffee and sustainably packaged, unfortunately, this is not always possible. But don’t feel guilty if you end up with a plastic coffee container every now and then. Of course, you can always turn […]