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Creative craft ideas for kids

[ad_1] All you need are everyday items around the house. Examples of such materials are pencils, glitter, glue, string. The advantage of this is that it develops creativity in children. Here are some awesome DIY ideas you can explore. 1. Tissue box monster: This is done by creating a monster with a large set of […]

DIY ideas you can use to give your home ...

[ad_1] There are hundreds of different ways to give your home decor a quaint and respectable ‘ethnic’ look. Adding some ethnic diversity to your home decor is not as difficult as many people think, in fact you can even make your own homemade ethnic decorations. Here are some DIY ideas you can use to add […]

Are the kids bored already? Try these s...

[ad_1] THE STORY CONTINUES WITH THESE SALTWIRE VIDEOS Summer vacation is a time when parents struggle to find ways to entertain their children. Free time to play in the sun and special summer excursions are great, but it’s also wonderful to create opportunities for learning and creativity. Summer crafts are a great way to get […]

DIY home ideas for kids: how to turn an ...

Don’t throw away empty cereal boxes. Here’s an easy and fun recycling art project you can work on with your kids. Find out how you can turn these boxes into useful book holders or filing cabinets. What do you need empty cereal box Exacto knife or blade Pencil Eraser (optional) […]

Learn how to make paper dolls

[ad_1] The “Do the Mu! At the Musée Massillon in June will feature the art of paper dolls with instructor Kat Francis. His virtual demonstration of the project will be posted on,, and at noon on Saturday June 6. This project concerns the Cut Up / Cut Out exhibition which will […]