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Gift wrap craft ideas for after Christma...

By Siandhara Bonnet Editor-in-chief Sometimes at the end of Christmas morning people end up with a bunch of gift wrap. Of course, people can throw it away and add it to their trash (unless they’ve bought biodegradable paper or paper that creases easily, in which case recycle). However, for those in the spirit of waste, […]

Venezuela’s currency: worth more as craf

Santa Marta, Colombia – Along the cobbled streets of the coastal city of Santa Marta, demand for bolivares from Venezuela is skyrocketing, but not for the monetary value of the tickets. Instead of using his homeland’s money to pay for basic necessities in his homeland, Venezuelan immigrant Hector Cordero weaves change into wallets and handbags, […]

Great Fall Craft Ideas (Unrelated to Tha...

Many people forget that there is almost an entire month of fall between Halloween and Christmas! More than a few people seem to skip the rest of fall after Halloween, opting to break out plastic Santas and inflatable reindeer well before Thanksgiving, but fall is here until mid-December, which means that there’s still time for […]